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Sweet Thing

This article’s events happened in a little Texas town south of Fort Worth. Spike, Moon, Watcher, Fluffy, and Jett were born March 6, 2022.

What the Heck Is a Pneumonia Front?

On May 23, 2021, atmospheric fog and clouds accompanied a pneumonia front in Kenosha, Wisconsin. COURTESY VIEW FROM ABOVE-WISCONSIN Lake Michigan, to the left of the state, has a long, north-south shape, which helps make its unique pneumonia fronts possible. JEFF SCHMALTZ/NASA Pneumonia fronts may be accompanied by low shelf clouds, and may travel several miles inland from Lake Michigan. GEMMA TARLACH Chicago, like Milwaukee and other communities on Lake Michigan’s southwestern shore, experiences pneumonia fronts most often in late spring. ALVESGASPAR, CC BY-SA 4.0/WIKIMEDIA


NatureVibes Did you know… Butterflies often feed on decomposing animals, rotten fruits, blood, animal feces and urine. Flowers don’t provide enough sodium for butterflies, so they seek other things that are salty. If a butterfly has ever landed on you, it’s not because it liked you or because you look particularly like a flower; in …

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Nature Vibes

NatureVibes October 13 at 9:39 AM  · The finalists for the 2021 Wildlife Comedy Photography Awards have been announced!

Norman the Cat

For a feral cat, he was immediately showing great signs of being domesticated due to the care given him.

5 Smallest Countries In The World

With so many countries throughout the world, it’s only logical to wonder which ones are truly the smallest. Take your best guess and then join us as the explore the 5 smallest countries in the world ranked by area.

5 Largest Islands In The World

Some of the largest islands in the world are a single country/territory whereas others are home to more than one country. Some contain lush rainforests whereas others are covered by seemingly endless expanses of snow and ice.

Double Planet on December 21, 2020

Double Planet on December 21, 2020

Before 2020 comes to a close, Jupiter and Saturn will be so close that they will appear to form a “double planet.” The great conjunction, as the planetary alignment has come to be known, hasn’t occurred in nearly 800 years.

A Present From Dad

With my father’s passing in August, today I felt he sent me an early Christmas present to brighten my mood and also show his presence still in my life in this beautiful Christmas cactus bloom.

Defying Gravity With The Ibex

Sometimes, to get what you want in life, you have to go out on a limb, get out of your comfort zone and literally defy gravity! Ibexes aren’t daunted by a dizzying climb up a vertical dam face to get what they want.

Fall 2020 Garden

On September 24 I planted my Fall garden in Austin. The Spring/Summer garden did fairly well, but the drought and 100 degree temps killed us in August.

Bull Creek Walk

During the summer 2020 Covid lockdown, we took a walk at Bull Creek Greenbelt in Austin to get the pups, Lulu and Frida, out for an adventure.

South Haven, Michigan

Last November, Marty and I made a trip from Austin, TX up north to Michigan. After attending a wedding in Kalamazoo, we made our way over to South Haven, on the shores of Lake Michigan, to catch up with a close friend who moved from Austin up to that area.

Outing Trio

As we head out to one of our walks, I took this selfie while stopped at a red light.

Sweet Face

In the protective arms of her daddy, Frida stares out with complete confidence that all is right with the world. A friend that saw this pic commented, “Give that girl whatever she wants.”

Enchanted Rock

The next time you visit Central Texas, be sure to check out Enchanted Rock. The hike up to the top is definitely worth it for the beautiful views!

Views Of The Hudson

The mighty Hudson River offers so many amazing sights and views to New Yorkers and tourists alike! What is your favorite spot to view it from?

Texas Wildflowers

Former First Lady Mrs. Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Johnson made it her priority to beautify Texas while her husband was in office. Her work is fondly remembered every spring when our beautiful wildflowers bloom!

Beautiful Oregon

There’s nothing like the Pacific Northwest! Oregon has a little of everything for those that love nature – beautiful coastline, awe-inspiring forests, and majestic views.

Nature’s Beauty

We can often overlook the small things in life that make the world so beautiful. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of mother nature.