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We Are The Earth

From Center for Action and Contemplation that I practice daily readings, I found this one, today, especially inspirational; We Are the Earth Buddhist monk and teacher Thich Nhat Hanh describes our inherent connection to the Earth and how that understanding can shift our behavior: At this very moment, the Earth is above you, below you, …

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How to deal with Haters

I just found this great advise on an emailing I receive from “Change That Up” Don’t Listen to Naysayers. Achieving a successful life of significance isn’t easy. It’s a constant uphill climb, and along the way, you’re sure to cross paths with your fair share of naysayers, or what the cool kids call haters or …

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The Navel

I was sent this info and not 100% sure about the validity but I strongly feel there may be some truth to it. The Navel: Did you know why to put different oils in and on the belly button?  Our Navel (Nabhi), is an amazing gift that our Creator has given us. According to science, …

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Inspiration …

road, forest, trees

This song, Hallelujah written and performed by Leonard Cohen is one of my “go to” songs…

Lone Star Beekeeper

Bees are such an important part of our ecosystem; there are so many plants and food we wouldn’t have without them! Mahmoud from Lone Star Beekeepers ensures that hives stay healthy and happy.

Forever Bicycles

This art installation by artist and activist Ai Weiwei has been compared to a massive jungle gym, and is composed of over 1200 bicycles!

Pease Park

Pease Park in Austin, TX is more than a space to go for fun and gatherings. It is currently home to an art installation maze by artist Patrick Dougherty!