Senior Access

One of the best things we can give our senior citizens is the gift of our time! Senior Access provides a valuable service to ensure that seniors have the ability to get around and keep loneliness at bay.

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  1. As a Volunteer, I’ve watched all the changes over this crazy year. This video was taken prior to the Covid crisis, so I’ve attached information from Serita, Executive Director of Senior Access that was sent out on September 28, 2020;

    “2020 has not been a year like any in our history. No one could have planned or fathomed a situation like our current pandemic. I am so proud of my Board, Staff and Volunteers for adapting quickly. We never had to fully shut down services. Instead, we created a Senior Buddy program. This program has been amazing and the connections our volunteers and clients have made are priceless. It shows me and others there is so much good still in this world. We have worked hard to get the vans adaptable, purchased masks, thermometers and hand sanitizers to start back our services. We will take one day at a time, watch the trends and work hard to ensure everyone’s safety. We know our seniors are isolated and feeling alone, so we have set up a virtual bingo (there will be prizes delivered). Join in and enjoy seeing or hearing others voices. I do personally miss all the beautiful faces of our volunteers and clients. Please know if any of you do not feel comfortable driving or getting on the vans yet, it is ok and we will work hard to keep our Senior Buddy program in place. Looking forward to the day we can all meet again in person. Until then know you all are in my thoughts and prayers.”

    Serita, Executive Director

    Why do You Volunteer?

    Tricia says…I wanted to be a buddy because I enjoy getting to know new people especially Seniors. During the Pandemic, the Senior population is more vulnerable and in need and I was happy to help fill that need. I was matched to Mary Lou as a buddy. I called her and we chatted on the phone for a while. I asked her questions about her family and background. I also wanted to know her needs at this time and her main need was having access to groceries. I do a grocery run for her every week and take them to her. It has been a huge blessing getting to know Mary Lou, but it has been very fulfilling for me during this time when things are not normal and are stressful and hard and when important things that we count on each day/month/year get cancelled or postponed because of the Pandemic; it is nice to have a way to help other people. Helping others is a good way to cheer me up! I think Mary Lou has enjoyed our phone conversations and I hope I do a good job of getting the grocery items she is needing! She seems to enjoy chatting through the door when I deliver the groceries.

    Teri says…When the Covid quarantine first began, I, like many others, started working from home. When a friend shared on Facebook that there was a need for Senior Buddies in Pflugerville to help run errands, etc., there was no hesitation for me. I enjoy meeting new people and I believe that we must do what we can to help others when we have the means. My buddy Hugh is a perfect match for me! He is intelligent, witty and funny, and we have a great rapport! I enjoy chatting with him, receiving his amusing text messages and we’re even friends on Facebook. I know he appreciates the small things I do for him. One of our latest text conversations he sent, “Thx Teri, I’m torn between me adopting you or you adopting me”, while the jury is still out on that one, it makes me smile. I volunteered to help out, but always being there for a friend that knows he can depend on me is the true reward.

    News Flash!!

    Senior Access hopes to start van services again the week of September 21st dependent on the Covid trends. The Senior Access staff has worked very hard to help increase safety measures for our clients. Our vans have had protective shields added in the van between the seats. We thank Signorama for the wonderful rendition. They look incredible.

    To ride the van, each client needs to
    sign and send in the waiver,
    must have their temperature checked prior to entrance in the van (no one will be allowed in the van with a temperature 100 or over)
    must wear a mask during the ride and will be given hand sanitizer.
    call a week in advance to request a seat.
    Our vans will only transport 6 seniors at one time for each route.

    We have rearranged some of our areas. For individuals living: Howard Lane to 290 will be grouped in the Northeast Austin area. Those living: 290 to Cesar Chavez will be in the East Austin area.

    Each 1st, 3rd, and 5th week will be rides to local HEB’s. Each 2nd and 4th week will be rides to local Walmarts.

    Van 1: Round Rock and Hutto
    Van 2: Manor and Northeast Austin

    Wednesdays: Pflugerville

    Thursdays: East Austin (290-Cesar Chavez)

    ** If a senior does not feel comfortable riding the vans, we are continuing the Senior Buddy program.

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