Sweet Thing

I’ve lived in the country the greater part of my life. Animals are  a part of country living, and strays are bound to show up. ( … especially if you are married to a man who literally wants to feed them all!) In 40 years of marriage, and all the years before, not one stray spoke to my heart like a cat who came into our backyard last August.
We took to calling her Sweet Thing because there’s no other way to describe her. She is definitely a self-advocate. Whatever she wanted, boy did she let us know! We enjoyed her talking to us, and sitting beside us on the patio. Then winter came, and with it, usually mild Texas turned into unusual snow days. Of course , we brought Sweet Thing inside. It was an immediate fit. Soon we noticed that her growing bulk was not just a shiny winter coat, but babies! Oh my!
Early one morning , Sweet Thing awakened me. She wanted me to 973E5E32-D68B-4585-8BB4-79884BCEB455.jpegrub her belly. I became the cat midwife. The first kitty was born at my feet! She had five. Three girls and two boys. What a blessing to experience this! We are into kitty week 12. Soon these curious, fluffy, beautiful offspring will leave for their new homes. My heart will go with them. I don’t know who will miss them more… Sweet  Thing, or me?