Take A Journey To Jordan

Jordan is one of the most mesmerizing and unique places in the world. Nestled between the holy land and the desert landscapes of the middle east, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is home to ancient ruins, bustling urban cities and sprawling olive orchards. Whether you visit the winding pathways of the Sikh to Petra or explore the inner circles of Amman, you’re bound to see that even in the most water-scarce place on earth, there is life.


If you visit Jordan, you most likely will be greeted first in the capital city of Amman. Built upon neolithic sites dating back over 9000 years, Amman has weathered the millennia from Ammonites to Ottoman Rule. In the Greek and Roman eras, Amman was known as the city of Philadelphia; today, the city’s current incarnation boasts a population of more than 4 million people and growing. Stretched across hills (Jabal) and valleys (Wadi), Amman’s special blend of ancient and modern architecture, culture and cuisine is sure to capture your imagination.

If you only have a day in Amman, visit Rainbow Street, the Citadel and the Roman Amphitheater. Stop off for Turkish Coffee and a bite of the local food when you check out the market in old Amman. Take a look at this slideshow for Amman travel inspiration:

Jerash (Gerasha)

A wildly popular tourist destination just 40 km south of Irbid are the ancient ruins of the Hellenistic and Byzantine city, Jerash. Take a stroll down a cobbled Roman street and marvel at the ancient temples, the oval forum and the Arch of Hadrian. Asyou explore deeper into the rolling hillsides, bring trusty hiking shoes and a camera because you’re going to have a great workout while enjoying fabulous photo-ops.

Have you ever heard a rock sing? Check out the music these massive stones make here.

The Dead Sea

World-famous and salty as ever, the Dead Sea is a popular destination in the Jordan Rift Valley. The sea’s hyper-salinated water allows anyone that enters to float peacefully on the surface; its salt and mud are revered for their medicinal and therapeutic properties, so feel free to slather up the mud and have a relaxing swim along on the shore. You may be in the lowest place on earth, but you’ll feel the best you’ve ever been!


A world heritage site, and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Petra’s Treasury is the icon millions travel. To reach it, you must travel down the Siq, a winding rock and sandstone pathway to reach the Treasury and the rest of the magical Nabataean city. Be sure to bring water and a sunhat for your trek into the arid canyons. Get an extra taste for more of what Petra has to offer here…

Other Places to Visit in Jordan:

  • Wadi Rum
  • Al Fais
  • Ma’an

Have you ever been to the captivating nation of Jordan? Tell me your travel stories in the comments below!