Take A Walk On The Wild Side

On March 25, 2020, the Texas governor and Austin mayor declared the shelter in place ruling go into effect. After reading the rules carefully we found that taking a hike was okay, so we loaded up the pups and went to Bull Creek Park. The rule stated that as long as you were willing and able to keep a 6 foot distance from other hikers you were good to go. We discovered very few others on the trail, so it was no problem to keep our distance. Our pups Frida (our Chiweenie of 1.5 years) and Lulu (our Pomeranian of 7 years) really enjoyed the hike. And the water at Bull Creek was clear and beautiful. The sky was blue and the temps were perfect with a slight breeze to make the 80 degrees bearable, although, there was the oak pollen to contend with. All in all, it was a great diversion to the sheltering rule and we hope to explore other trails in and around Austin during this trying time.