Sophie & Sadie: Two Of A Kind

Sophie and Sadie are 12-year-old Pomeranian sisters living in good ol’ Texas. Every day, they work with their mom in her home office; productivity levels have risen ever since they started the job! Sitting in meetings and listening to brainstorming sessions can be quite exhausting, so they love to unwind with food, toys and walks after a long day.

Sadie The Athlete

“I love chasing wiffle balls and squirrels in our backyard, and running as fast as I can around a track. You could call me the ‘alpha of the yard’; it is my domain!”

Sophie The Princess

“Sadie can have the yard all to herself if I can have all the grooming and pampering! But to keep this figure, I like to play a little frisbee from time to time.”

A Family

As travelers, lovers of outdoor life, and snugly cuddlers, Sophie and Sadie are great members of the Webb Jam team. These two highly sociable and intellectual Pomeranians are great companions in any family. We all have a fantastic life together!

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