Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is Webb Jam, again?

Webb Jam is a digital media platform focused on sharing positive stories from around the world. While the Webb Jam team produces a variety of engaging videos and articles, much of the platform’s uplifting content is submitted by our Jammers. Owned by Webb Digital Network, Webb Jam features cultural, educational, humorous, and inspiring human-interest stories. Born from altruism, Webb Jam seeks to connect an internationally diverse audience with globally uplifting stories.

What is a Jammer?

Anyone wanting to join us in sharing positive news is a Jammer. Our Jammers add their stories, which can often go untold, to our platform for all to enjoy. As Founder and CEO Lisa Webb always says, “I know that something good or great happened somewhere in the world today, and I feel we need to share it all in order to learn from one another and bring our global world closer together. It’s social media at its best!


I am signing up to be a Jammer and I’m having some issues with registration. Help!

To sign up, click Share Your Story at the top of the home page. You can easily log in using your Facebook or Google account, or click Register and follow the steps to create an account. Please note that you can use the default password provided or delete it and enter your own password.

Story Submission

How do I submit a story?

To submit your story, first register for your Webb Jam account. As a registered member, agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are able to customize your profile, comment on posts, favorite specific activities, chat with other members, and much more. Click HERE for more details!

What if I have a story to share that isn’t mine?

We will accept content from another source as long as it is properly credited, with a link back to the original story.

Who creates the visual content, such as videos or images?

You do! Have fun creating your stories, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

What are the guidelines for submitting stories?

We want to see all types of stories from all around the globe, so we’re keeping our guidelines pretty simple:

  • Photos: Maximum of 5 photos per submission
  • Story/Content: If writing out a story, we suggest a standard blog post word count of 300-500 words. Anything longer than 750 words will be subject to possible rejection.
  • Video: We only accept links to videos at this time, preferably from YouTube. Facebook video links will not be accepted. If you need help uploading a video, please visit our Upload page.

What will get my submission rejected from Webb Jam?

We want to keep stories positive and upbeat, so we trust the discretion of our Jammers to decide what stories to share. However, we do have some guidelines that will ensure your story is added to the site:

  • Clarity: Your submission should have a clear subject and topic that is easy to understand.
  • No profanity, politics, hate speech, illegal activity, or disparaging remarks.
  • Quality. Your videos/photos should be clear and sized correctly for viewing on desktop and mobile. For video, a 16:9 aspect ratio is preferable, and images should be a minimum of 900px on their shortest side.
  • Ownership. Your submission should be your original content or properly sourced to credit the original creator.


What are your Categories all about?

Our categories are groups of related content.  For example, “Eats” is all things cuisines, drinks, feasts, recipes, and treats. and “The Spark” will light your fire in art, beauty, creativity, design, fashion, and music.  Stay tuned, we’ll be adding more categories soon!
Have a category you’d like to see?  Let us know!

Partnering With Webb Jam

How can I or my company/organization partner with Webb Jam?

We’d love to create a partnership with like-minded people and companies with positive news to share. Advertising, co-branding, and/or sponsorship deals can be worked out by filling out this advertising form or by reaching out to us.

What other fun things can I do on Webb Jam?

Great question! Besides posting your very own stories, you can comment on other posts, favorite and like stories, and even become friends with and chat with other registered members. Get Jamming!

Did we miss anything? If so, ask away!